Premium wholesale loose leaf teas

Bumble Bee Teas offers premium wholesale loose leaf teas, both traditional and organic to: restaurants, coffee shops, tea houses, specialty stores, and various types of food markets.


Our Mission: Helping You!

At Bumble Bee Teas we want to create long lasting relationship with you. It makes us feel good and quietly frankly it makes you feel good too. We strive to build trust and friendships with each client we meet. If we can’t get what you need we will send you to someone who might be able to help you. Why?  We trust that you will be back even if you have to go somewhere else too. We pride ourselves in helping you, it’s that simple.

Bumble Bee Teas and Organic Teas

Bumble Bee Teas also tries to provide the best organic tea whenever possible and we promise to suggest the best tea you can afford to buy.  Buying the most expensive doesn’t always mean the best sales. So go ahead, ask us if we can recommend a better buy.  We’ll do our best to do that for you.

Bumble Bee Teas and Fair Trade

We strive to provide Fair Trade tea whenever possible. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do.  You, and Bumble Bee Teas, don’t want others to suffer simply for our daily tea drinking pleasure and by helping farmers around the world get a fair price we help them provide for their families and their futures.

The Right Tea Choice

We promise to offer the right tea choice for you and your tea drinking clientele so that you can reach your overall tea goals.